Six-Week Weight Loss Challenge

I am posting this kind of late, but to be honest, it’s the evening that I need something to keep my mind busy. Just 8 weeks ago I embarked on a journey, I, along with the ladies at PowerFitness, started a holiday weight loss challenge. I was nervous about the idea of everyone knowing I was changing my lifestyle, after all, what if I failed???? After the first week, and a very successful week at that, the ladies were full of enthusiasm, and that helped me continue on for the following 7! Now, I am proudly down 28.5 pounds, and even though the challenge is over, all of the beautiful women are still there every work out to smile and say, “you look great! Keep going!” When I feel doubt, no matter when it is I text my fitness coach, and beautiful friend, Sarah Coburn, and she always hits me back right away with words of encouragement! When I struggle during a workout, these powerful women help me push through. Power Fitness, is so much more than a fitness studio, it’s family, and the moment a new person walks through the door you are part of that family. We are there for each other…through thick and thin (hehe!). I always doubt myself, but Sarah and the rest of these amazing women have helped me realize when it comes to this journey I did not think I was capable of…actually…I am. My journey is not over, it will not always be easy, but it is my journey, and I am grateful for the beautiful ladies that I know have my back. It’s your year people, what will you do with it?