What is Power Fitness?

Did you know?...Powerfitness Group Exercise Studio is NOT a "gym.” It is a "class based" Exercise Studio. Just come in, take your classes and go! There is no registration or "hidden" fees or long-term commitment necessary! If you are like many others going from gym to gym finding the best rates but NOT finding the results you are looking for then Powerfitness is for you! You are guaranteed personal attention, motivation, support & RESULTS! Stop wasting your time & money on what's NOT working and try something NEW that WILL work! Start today and show up for class @ 5:30pm or 6:45pm. First class is FREE....No more Excuses!

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Congratulations on taking the first step in transforming your life mentally, physically, and emotionally!

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Class Schedule

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Special Sessions

Fresh Classes offered year round to keep your routine moving and your body strong.

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